Job Description

Overall Job Objective

What Success Looks Like In This Job

This is a non-sworn Sheriff Cadet position which involves participation in a formal law enforcement training program involving both classroom and practical instruction in subjects such as criminal law, civil law, evidence collection and investigation, patrol activities, administration of justice, community relations, report writing, first aid/CPR, firearms, arrest control tactics and driving. This program is approved by the Colorado Peace Officer and Standards Training Board.

Throughout the Academy program, Cadets will also participate in regular physical training; knowledge, skills and abilities will be assessed through multiple choice and true/false tests, role playing exercises and performance tests.

Upon successful completion of Academy training, Cadets will take the Colorado P.O.S.T. test and upon successful completion, will be Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified.

Examples of Duties for Success

-Attend all scheduled academy training sessions
-Check emails and other correspondence from academy staff and instructors
-Sit or stand for extended periods of time
-Take appropriate notes on material presented
-Prepare written reports
-Prepare for written tests through independent or group study
-Participate in physical training program
-Participate in field activities in various environmental conditions
-Engage in formal inspections
-Perform special duties as assigned

Qualifications for Success

-Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
-Must be at least 21 years of age prior to November 25, 2016
-Must have a Valid Colorado driver's license
-No criminal convictions as defined by Colorado P.O.S.T.
-Must meet criteria established by P.O.S.T. if you are a Non-United States Citizens. Click here for more information.

More Qualifications for Success

A lengthy testing and background process will be utilized to select the most qualified candidates.

The testing process includes:
-Written exam
-Physical Ability Course (PAC) testing
-Physical Fitness Test Battery
-Oral Board Interview
-Opportunity to obtain additional points in the areas of education and military service

The Background process may include any/all of the following:
-2 phase psychological evaluation
-Integrity Interview
-CVSA exam
-Physical exam

Application Instructions

Please apply for this position by following the link provided below. A new window will open on your screen and you will be directed to the Adams County Government employment website. From there, please follow the application directions provided. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAY YOU SAW THE AD ON JOBING.COM!

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