Job Description

Overall Job Objective

What Success Looks Like In This Job

The Criminalist assigned to the Laboratory Unit is responsible for responding to crime scenes to collect, preserve, and document evidence, and to evaluate, examine, analyze and identify evidence collected. (physical evidence, photographs, video, sketches, documentation)

Examples of Duties for Success

*Adhere to policy, procedures and post orders.
*Duties include but not limited to: complete appropriate and required paperwork; testify in court; complete required training; communicate clearly with citizens and other law enforcement professionals; dispense information to those who need it.
*Prepare variety of reports.
*Safely operate county vehicles.
*Respond to crime scenes to collect, preserve, and document evidence.
*Evaluate, examine, analyze and identify evidence collected, (physical evidence, photographs, video, sketches, documentation)
*Use of AFIS for fingerprint comparison
*Respond to crime scenes that maybe of graphic and violent nature.
*Tolerate noxious odors, handling of deceased persons, and body odors.
*Prepare cases, ensuring completeness for filing with the district attorney's office.
*Conduct follow-up investigation on assigned cases.
*Prepare Court exhibits; enlarged and mounted photographs, sketches, and other exhibits.
*Obtain and execute search and arrest warrants
*Maintain a thorough working knowledge of Department policies and procedures.
*Develop and Maintain working relationships with members of the legal community (district attorneys, defense attorneys, civil lawyers,judges, court personnel, and other law enforcement agencies.
*Provide training and guidance to other members of the Sheriff's Office, Community, Academy Cadets, and other law enforcement agencies.
*Perform other duties that are assigned.

Qualifications for Success

* Bachelor of Arts or Science in related field, is preferred
*A valid Colorado Driver's License
* Must possess 2 years of paid crime scene processing experience with a law enforcement agency
*Certifications in the following areas/disciplines are preferred: Basic Crime Scene processing from the FBI or CBI; latent fingerprints/palm prints and identifications; crime scene digital photography; death scene investigations, blood-stain pattern analysis; firearms, ballistics.
* Must be POST Certified

Application Instructions

Please apply for this position by following the link provided below. A new window will open on your screen and you will be directed to the Adams County Government employment website. From there, please follow the application directions provided. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAY YOU SAW THE AD ON JOBING.COM!

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