Job Description

Overall Job Objective

What Success Looks Like In This Job

  • Assist full time responders in duties as necessary, assigned to the Patrol division. 
  • The Reserve Unit is under the Patrol Division and therefore primarily responsible for working patrol.
  • They have one meeting per month for two hours. Meetings include the monthly training.
  • While in field training they must work at least two patrol shifts (20 hrs.) per month. When field training is complete they are required to work patrol one shift per month.
  • When they are off probation they may work in other Divisions, but they must still complete their monthly obligation to the Patrol Division.
  • Required to attend quarterly range qualifications and annual driving.
  • Required to work the Adams County Fair and 3-4 other community events per year.
  • They are provided the same the same equipment as full-time deputies.
  • Reserve Deputies with more than two years of full-time patrol experience can work solo patrol after field training. Less than two years they must always work with a full-time deputy.
SPECIAL NOTE: For all applicants, this is a reminder of the original job posting where it stated: "Applicants may be excluded from further consideration at any point in the hiring process. By Sheriff’s Office policy, the reasons why an applicant is not selected for hire will not be discussed with the applicant. There is no flexibility with this policy. If an applicant receives notice of elimination from the hiring process, it simply means the applicant’s qualifications do not fit the Office’s needs at this time. This determination does not preclude the applicant from applying to other agencies."

Examples of Duties for Success

This position can be assigned to Patrol division based on the needs of the agency.

  • Patrol Division:
    • Required to attend one regular meeting a month. Meetings include the monthly training. 
    • While in field training must work at least two patrol shifts (20 hrs.) per month. When field training is completed required to work patrol one shift per month. 
    • Be on-call in the event of a major emergency
    • Must qualify at the Sheriff's Office range
    • Attend special training classes
    • Participate and complete 16 hours annually of training in the area of P.P.C.T. must be certified every quarter
    • Participate and complete annual Law enforcement driving certification
    • Patrol assigned area to enforce laws, investigate crimes, and arrest violators
    • Drive vehicle through assigned area, observing traffic violations and issuing citations
    • Investigate illegal or suspicious activities or persons, quell disturbance, arrest violator
    • Conduct preliminary investigation at the scene of crime, administer first aid, and gather evidence Locate and question witness/witnesses, make arrest as necessitated by circumstances, testify as a witness in court.
    • Establish traffic control and Deputy Protection at fires or other incidents that may attract crowds
    • Assume control at traffic crashes to maintain traffic flow, assist accident victims, and investigate causes
    • Locate and take persons into custody on arrest warrants
    • Prepare variety of related case, complaint, and activity reports
    • Confer with parents of juvenile offenders and juvenile suspects, make or suggest referrals to resource agencies
    • Perform Deputy duties at parades, processions, demonstrations, community activities, and sporting events
    • Check and report on deficient streetlights, signs, road surfaces, and other facilities that serve the public

Qualifications for Success

  • Must be a certified commissioned level 1 peace officer with the Adams County Sheriff's Office.
  • Must qualify at the Sheriff's Office range.

More Qualifications for Success

  • Preferred bilingual

Application Instructions

Please apply for this position by following the link provided below. A new window will open on your screen and you will be directed to the Adams County Government employment website. From there, please follow the application directions provided. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAY YOU SAW THE AD ON JOBING.COM!

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